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The Best Food Safe Epoxy & Food Grade Epoxy For Tabletops

The Best Epoxy Resins For Tabletops - Food Grade Epoxy
The Best Epoxy Resins For Tabletops - Food Grade Epoxy

Do you have a new project where you need a food safe epoxy?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

After all, coating your tabletops with epoxy is the best way to protect them while giving a shiny finish.

By using a food grade epoxy, you can achieve a clear, non-slip, easy to clean surface.

It not only protects the wood but also gives a beautiful, refined finish, which is incredibly attractive to look at.

And as epoxy is a synthetic resin, it’s available in different qualities to suit both crafting and industrial applications.

But picking the wrong epoxy type can result in problems like bubbling, uneven finish and even cracking. In this article, we intend to provide all the information about choosing the right epoxy for your tabletops.

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Most epoxy types have some protective qualities like scratch and water resistance. However, some epoxy resins come with specific features that make them ideal for tabletops. A thin, watery resin is perfect for coating table tops as they self-level after pouring and eliminate the risk of uneven coating. If you want a thick coating of epoxy, a heat-resistant epoxy can be used or the epoxy can be applied in successive layers to avoid cracking due to heat.

best epoxy resin for table topsGlossiness is another factor you consider while choosing an epoxy resin for tabletops. Some resins offer satin and matte finishes and your choice depends on the degree of glossiness you prefer. Chemical resistant epoxies should be considered when you need using alcoholic or corrosive cleaning agents to clean tough stains from the top. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate I might earn a tiny amount from qualifying purchases if you end up buying something through one of them.

The Best Epoxy Resins for Table Tops

1. Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear – East Coast Resin (A Food Safe Epoxy)

This is one of the most popular epoxies available in the market. Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear from East Coast Resin is water and scratch resistant, has a high gloss and is odorless during the curing process. In addition to that, it is slow to yellow in low UV conditions. Its durable, glossy finish makes it a great choice for coating table tops. A finishing varnish can be used to top off the epoxy to prevent scratching. And this is a food safe epoxy. You can get East Coast Resin here.

2. Glaze Coat Kit – FamoWood

The perfect option for novice epoxy users, FamoWood’s Glaze Coat Kit comes with instruction manuals and professional-quality packaging to help first time users learn using epoxy resin easily. Another great feature of the epoxy resin is its heat resistance of up to 120 degree F. This makes it possible to place warm drinks and plates on the top without the risk of damaging its surface. You can get the glaze coat kit from Famowood here.

3. Clear Epoxy Resin – SpecialtyResin (A Food Safe Epoxy)

In addition to offering good UV resistance and other performance features desirable in a table top epoxy resin, the Clear Epoxy Resin from SpecialtyResin suits most table tops but shines uniquely in bars with high natural light. It has a shorter curing and drying time and is priced higher than other competitive epoxy resins. You can see the different products available from SpecialtyResin here.

4. Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin – Pro Marine Supply

This product is highly suitable for places with a lot of natural light. It offers a high resistance to clouding and yellowing. It also offers desired scratch, water and impact resistance. When applied according to the instructions, this epoxy gives a glossy, clear, high-quality finish. Its dry time is comparatively higher and the epoxy must be kept at high temperature during the curing process. This epoxy resin is our top recommended product for any table top application. You can see the different options from Pro Marine Supply here.

5. High Gloss Epoxy – Environmental Technology

This epoxy from Environmental Technology is catered towards high-end market with excellent qualities like alcohol and heat resistance, fast drying, solvent-free formula and a high gloss finish. Its solvent-free formula guarantees optimal protection to wooden tops and reduces the risk of surface damage and corrosion. It is a good choice for those who want to protect high-grade wood. You can see Environmental Technology’s product line here.

Food Grade Epoxy – The Best Epoxy for a Kitchen
or Any Bar Top Counter

food grade epoxyFood Safe epoxy does exist and a number of brands have developed advanced formula to create epoxies which are safe for direct as well as indirect contact with food. Such a provision and regulation by FDA has resulted in increased opportunities for using epoxy. People have started using epoxy to coat coffee mugs, cheese trays and decorative dishes as well as other items used in kitchens. Food grade epoxy is specifically useful for hand-made items as it can coat the surface and preserve it better.

Food grade epoxy is clearer than other epoxies as suited for food contact. Such an epoxy will give a high-gloss shine, hard outer layer and color protection to the surface to protect it for years to come. Epoxy created to be safe for food contact has other properties associated with epoxies. Food grade epoxy is good to use with homemade food containers like coasters, candy bowls and others. However, it is important to look for the brands that produce epoxy complaint with the FDA standards to use for applications that involve contact with food. Such epoxy is a great choice to cover table tops in homes and restaurants.

This is one of the best resins you can get and it doesn’t have any harmful fumes and is Food Safe.

What is Self Leveling Clear Epoxy & How Does it Work?

A type of epoxy coating which gives a durable, low maintenance finish, Self-Leveling Epoxy can be used across applications including residential, commercial and industrial. This type of epoxy is ideal for situations that demand high level of aesthetic appeal, durability and abrasion resistance. It comes as a two-part product – resin and hardener in separate bottles. Upon mixing the two solutions, the epoxy can be poured on a surface and it flows to level itself to a 1/8 inch thick coating. It cures and hardens to a clear surface which is water and scratch resistant.

Such a self-leveling epoxy is used in bars and restaurants for table tops. It is possible to decorate the counter top with bottle caps, pennies and other items sealed inside by pouring an additional layer of epoxy. This epoxy, when cured, has a shiny finish and it resembles glass due to its clarity. self leveling clear epoxy

Self-leveling epoxy is highly suited for kitchen tops as it is water-resistant, scratch resistant and saves the surface from damage. The cured epoxy offers a highly glossy finish desirable in kitchens and restaurants. Some of the products even have UV resistance adding to their performance and benefits. For more information on this subject, see our article Pouring Epoxy Resin – Clear Polyester Casting Resin Tutorial.