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DIY Resi Blast – How To Make Resi Blast & Resi Blast Alternatives

Resi-BLAST is a highly innovative chemical liquid additive dropped into wet and colored resin. It is a single part additive commonly known as interference medium or dispersant. Resi-BLAST is effective at creating a ‘lacing’ eff...


Sakrete 5000 Vs Quikrete 5000 – Which Countertop Mix Should You Be Using?

So you’ve decided to make your own concrete countertops. Naturally, you’re looking into the products that you need in order to do the best job possible and with all of the different options out there, it can be over...


Tormach PCNC 1100 Review – UPDATED 2018 – Machining Aluminum At Home

The PCNC 1100 is a CNC milling machine with a 5100 RPM 1.5 HP spindle. It has a work envelope of 18inches x 9.5inches x 16.2inches. It has a 34inches x 9.5inches table and weighs about 1300 pounds. It includes a power draw bar,...


Top 5 – Best Laser Cutters & Engravers – UPDATED 2018

For this particular article, we are going to be focusing primarily on laser engravers as opposed to laser cutters as the engravers are where most people will start with due to size and cost. A full blown commercial laser cutter...