DIY Hippie Room Décor – Bohemian Pillow Cases & Bohemian Style Hippie Comforter Sets

DIY Hippie Room Décor – Bohemian Pillow Cases & Bohemian Style Hippie Comforter Sets

Those who are looking for some whimsical, colorful and cozy decor for their rooms may find Hippie decor the best option. The hippie style adds a lot of love and peace to any space J and if this is how you feel, a Boho chic room is the space that will perfectly reflect your personality. Bohemian style is the most popular way to express your inner hippie. There are numerous decorating ideas to help you convert your room into a breathtakingly beautiful Bohemian retreat. Pretty patterns, bold hues, artistic atmosphere, vintage furniture and organic elements are some of the amazing elements that go well with your Hippie decor. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate I might earn a tiny amount from qualifying purchases if you end up buying something through one of them.

If you have been interested in Hippie home style, these DIY decor tutorials will provide you a lot of creative yet affordable options to decorate your room in boho-chic theme. diy hippie room decor

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Bohemian Pillow Cases

The most amazing thing about the Bohemian decor is that it can be fun and thrifty without breaking the bank. Bohemian inspired pillow cases are warm and fun, adding a pop of color to any theme. You can even use some creative ideas to make tassel pillows, marbled pillows and fringed pillows with some handy materials to add a unique touch to your decor. Pillow cases in Boho chic pattern feature attractive colours and vintage patterns to complement your room decor with Hippie inspired elements. They are decorated with floral motifs, mandalas and geometric patterns and seem to catch a lot of attention when thrown at sofas and beds. These are some of the nicest examples I’ve seen.

Boho Pillow Case in breathable, blended material is designed to fit regular sized pillows and comes with an envelope closure end design that protects the pillow from slipping out. It is a great addition to bed room, kids room and guest room that requires a Hippie themed decor update. The pillow case is constructed to offer amazing durability and softness to affect the quality of sleep. It features a beautiful mandala pattern to add new style to any bedroom instantly. Those who love Boho prints and colors would definitely fall in love with this case.

bohemian pillow cases

Bohemian Style Comforter Sets

You can convert any boring bedroom into a refreshing and restful retreat with some Hippie comforter sets available in eye-catching designs. These sets are generally made from soft fabric and include comforter, pillow cases and shams. You can choose from a wide variety of Boho inspired patterns and color combinations to match your decor and taste. Get a comforter in varied colors to throw at sofa, couch or armchair to give them an interestingly exotic look and feel. Opt for comforter sets to decorate your bed room, guest room and kids room in your favorite Hippie style. The colors on these comforters here are absolutely amazing – sure to make a room pop!

Bohemian Reversible Comforter Set is a great way to add a pop of pattern to any space. The reversible comforter features dual-sided intricate-detailing with diamond designs. It uses different combinations of bright colors on both the sides to create an eye-catching and attractive Hippie decor element. The product includes a comforter and shams and is made up of super soft pure microfiber material for ultimate comfort and softness. This reversible comforter set lets you add two styles to the theme in one item giving you additional possibilities. The Bohemian comforter is an amazing choice for those who want to create a Hippie decor by themselves.

DIY Hippie Room Decor  With Canopy Beds

Whether you are obsessed with the Hippie theme or simply interested in the cost-effectiveness of buying vintage, Bohemian designer decor items, Hippie styled canopy beds definitely make gorgeous inspiration in any room of the home. They are created using vintage pieces of varied patterns and colors like scarves, saris and other fabric pieces and add a lot of vibrancy, life and boldness without having to put in much money and effort.  You can make them yourself, or you can get some amazing ones here.

Silk Canopy Bed with Fringes is a multicolored patchwork style canopy created using silk sarees and features fringes on the three sides. It is a unique beauty element for a bedroom or any Hippie inspired room and adds a splash of color to the space for energy and positivity. The wonderful canopy is sewn with vintage silk saris and the panels have twine at the corners looped onto a ceiling hook for easy decoration. It is quite simple to set up and anybody interested in creating a DIY Hippie decor will certainly find it a great choice. You can either tie the canopy at corners or leave it untied for the decoration of your choice. You can display it over a bed or anywhere else through a ceiling. bohemian style comforter sets

Boho Fur Benches

Complete your Bohemian oasis by adding some eye-catching yet soothing details to the space. Fur benches are available in a variety of textures and designs to choose from. These benches come in varied sizes to let you add plenty of room to lounge creating a relaxed environment that welcomes any visitor. Upholstered benches come in earth tones and a combination of warm and cool shades for a landscape of color that surely invigorates the space. Choose the fur of your favorite color and create a cozy space that not only offers the comfort of sitting and storing but also highlights your Boho chic decor theme that you are fascinated about.

Boho Upholstered Fur Bench is the perfect element to add a Boho flair to any space. Ideal for corner of a room, entryway, bed side or as a small coffee table, this Hippie inspired bench is topped by soft fur to comfort the visitors. Fur adds a cozy texture to any space. Bold color complements the artistic style. The sleek and unique Bohemian bench makes a great spare seating option while taking the room decor to the next level. The unique fur top contrasts the cool theme with an electric style accentuating the entire decor. You can see some examples of other bohemian benches here.

We hope these DIY Hippie Room Decor ideas and products help you create the perfect harmony of overlapping prints, patterns and colors imparting the energy and invitation to any space in your home. Create a home rich in culture and creativity by using our DIY decorating tips.

hippie comforter sets

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