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DIY Tutorials
DIY Tutorials

DIY Metal Gooseneck Exterior Barn Lamp

If there’s one thing I love it’s designing something in a simplistic way, using common off-the-shelf parts that are easily accessible. I think it’s great when you can design something really cool and intricate...
DIY Tutorials

Cuttlebone Casting Jewellery | DIY Cuttlefish Casting Process

How-To: Cuttlebone Casting Jewellery Cuttlebone casting is an ancient technique that has been used for many years to create unique jewellery designs. This is an interesting process that uses the bones of a cuttlefish (you’...


Rustic Metal Coasters – Add some Rustic Charm to Your Favorite Cold Drink

As soon as we started showing people these little coasters, we haven’t been able to keep up with the demand for them. Everyone wanted them for a birthday or Christmas gift, for at the cabin or cottage or just to spruce up...
DIY Tutorials

Vintage Valve Cover Lamp – The Custom DIY Lamp for Car Lovers

Since making our first valve cover lamp, the market has gone crazy over them. Everyone – and we mean EVERYONE – has loved them and commented on how unique and incredible they are. Simplistic in design, its sleek industrial look...